Fracking and the Halliburton Act Essay

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Introduction “Hydraulic fracturing involves the use of water pressure to create fractures in rock that allow the oil and natural gas it contains to escape and flow out of a well (Energy From Shale).” Fracking has served to extract natural gas and oil where other methods would not be as successful but many environmentalists argue that fracking is affecting the environment and our drinking supply of water. Although fracking is still a controversial topic, it provides Americans jobs, increases the economy of the region, and the natural gas and oil are cleaner and more affordable source of energy. The EPA recognizes that natural gas and oil are an essential part to help our planet survive but do not want fracking to come at an expense to the …show more content…

Fracturing Regulations are Effective in State Hands Act is both in the Senate and Congress presented by two different representatives and right now just seen as bills. Hydraulic fracking is still a controversial topic but it does have a small amount of support both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.
1865- Lt. Col. Edward A. Roberts introduced the technique of the “exploding torpedo” in the birthplace of the industry Titusville, PA. Which originally used gunpowder but later advanced to using liquid nitroglycerin. The torpedo was made of an iron shell. Inside were 15 to 20 pounds of gunpowder and topped with and explosive cap. The torpedo was lowered in and superincumbent fluid tamping took place. Water was pumped into the well so that it concentrated the explosion down the cracks in the formations.
1921- US patent for an improved process to stabilize wells was awarded to Erle Halliburton.
1939- Ira McCollough improved the fracking methods with an improved fracturing device that fired several explosive projectiles through cement well casing into the surrounding earth. McCollough patented this method.
1949- The first successful commercial hydraulic fractures occurred in Oklahoma and Texas under the supervision of Halliburton and Stanolind Oil and Gas Company.
1981- Results of the Eastern Gas Shales Project were published by the US Department of the Interior

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