Framing Perspective Of Conflict

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A typical conflict situation I have experienced would be when one party misunderstands the other parties goals, motives, or attitudes about a given situation. The framing perspective states that conflicts may be influenced by the way the conflict was initially framed. Also, the way a conflict is framed may be affected by the interaction between the parties and frames may shift as the conflict progresses (Folger, Poole, Stutman 89). Fractionation is a good way to break down conflicts into smaller components, which can be dealt with more quickly and uncover possible umbrellas. An umbrella is a way for a party to legitimatize complaints when the original issue that caused the conflict is not accepted as valid. It is important for all parties to …show more content…

If a person feels misunderstood by another person, it frames future conflicts in a specific way unless the party breaks down the reasons they feel misunderstood. If a person feels misunderstood by someone else, they typically have a history together, which means there may be more than one reason why they feel misunderstood. For these reasons, it is important that the causes and details are discussed in a positive way. Reciprocity and compensation can aid in a positive outcome of these types of situations. Reciprocity and compensation are when each party involved strategically behaves or speaks in a particular way that influences the next move. I have experienced mutual influence in conflict situations, such as in the case of one party feeling misunderstood by the other …show more content…

The social identities could be related to race, religion, gender, or age. There are intergroup differences, but in many cases, these differences are not the primary cause of the conflict between the individuals. Communication plays a significant role in social categorization and identities. A person may feel misunderstood, but it is imperative that they do not jump to the conclusion that it is because they are a male or female, or based on their race. Everyone has different goals and beliefs, and they cannot be determined by social identities. If an individual goes into a conversation believing they will be misunderstood based on their gender or race, there is a strong possibility that they will feel that way after the conversation. Even though an individual may not appreciate why a person may feel misunderstood it is beneficial to communicate in a polite way by acknowledging how the other party feels. If a person feels misunderstood, they should examine why they feel that way. If their initial response is based on a social identity, they should reevaluate the situation and determine if other reasons have caused the misunderstanding. The individual could consider how they would feel if they were another gender or race and if it was different, there is the possibility that they feel misunderstood based on a social identity. If a person thinks they are misunderstood because of a

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