France Of The French Revolution Essay

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France is still recovering from several ISIS attacks that stroke those last few years. Thousands of non-Muslims French citizens are currently protesting in the street of the France’s capital, Paris. “France is scaring its own people” and it is becoming a huge political issue. According to Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Front, 44 percent of the immigrant in France and Corsica are unemployed and take advantage of France. The issue is becoming more and more important and the economic wound is growing, not because of the immigrant themselves but because of the French people and their media. “All Muslims are terrorist” said a gentleman while attending a Mosque construction meeting. France is having the wrong idea on this issue. People are scared to hire Muslims for the only reason that they are scared of them and because they see them as a threat to their business. In fact, Two Muslim women went to a restaurant in Paris and were kicked out by the manager. “Terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists,” he told them. The incident was recorded and went viral on social media, causing an outrage (Daniel Gilenson 2016). France has been compared to the United States and it have been proven that the U.S provide a more Muslim-friendly workplace than France or Europe in general.
The United States of America respect and support everyone’s culture and religion orientation. Muslim are allowed to wear their religious wears in public everywhere inside the country. Many

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