Frances Ha Essay

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Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha conveys the story of a young woman bumbling through life in New York City. The film watches Frances, played by Greta Gerwig, trying to act like a real-life adult, however, ends up failing miserably. Although the story is centered around Frances and her journey in becoming a fully-functional adult in society, one of the few reoccurring themes resides in the devastating break-up between Frances and her best friend, Sophie. The friendship between the two women are, at first, undoubtedly unbreakable and borderline romantic. Baumbach perfectly illustrates how a female friendship could be deeper and more satisfying than a romantic relationship. The girl’s friendship is ultimately threatened and results in a nasty break-up …show more content…

In the first scenes, every shot shows the two girls always together and doing things what one would imagine a domestic couple might do: play fight in the park, read together, and lean on each other’s shoulders riding the subway. Frances is heavily reliant on her relationship with Sophie; her existence keeps Frances’ world in stability despite the very erratic life she lives. When the ladies get into bed together, platonically stroking each other’s hair, Frances asks Sophie to recall the “the story of us.” Sophie is going to be “this awesomely bitchy publishing mogul” and Frances is the “famous modern dancer.” They both will have many lovers with no husband or kids to get in the way and “so many honorary degrees.” While Frances is planning their imminent futures in rocking chairs together, Sophie wants to move away and start her future with her boyfriend. This puts a huge wrench in Frances’ plans. She is completely lost without Sophie. Everything they claimed they were going to do in the future was nothing serious. Frances is massively affected by Sophie’s move to Tribeca, and then Japan. We continue to watch the downward spiral Frances is subjected to due to her friend’s actions. She is not nearly affected by breaking up with her steady boyfriend than she is with Sophie. Frances and her boyfriend were together long enough to consider moving in together, but Frances believes a more unimaginable life is living without

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