Francesco Guardi's Art Analysis

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Francesco used a style that I really enjoy, it is called pittura di tocco and it is a style known for its small dotting in the art work and it's small but clean brush strokes. It's a style that not many artist can lock down it is very very advanced. He started in venice italy when he was passed down a shop from his father who was deceased and he worked alongside his brother to make and sell hand made paintings. His paintings are beautiful painting like the venetian capriccio which is a landscape painting of the molo towards santa Maria. He was born october 1712 and when his father passed away in the year 1716 and that's when he had the shop passed down to him, he was only 4 when the shop was handed down to him and his brother. He worked with …show more content…

He was a very prestigious man and many young painters looked up to the man. His techniques while painting have me at a loss for words. I had little to know clue coming into this research paper about Francesco Guardi but he has now turned out to be one of my favorite painters of all time. I love the work he did for the church using multiple canvases to capture the full image. His art looks so modern and beautiful to me and when i would look up some of his art i would find myself staring at the picture on the screen. It shocked me how clean his art was, its flawless from top to bottom. Being born in Venice, Italy during the renaissance period he had to be very very good to stick out. After finishing my research i really do enjoy Francesco, even to the point that I would love to look into him way more. He is now one of my favorite …show more content…

Known as one of if not they best artists of his time Francesco Guardi is quite the artist. he is known for his later works, one of his bests know as the doges feasts which was a 12 canvas set of pure beauty. The painting was pictures of the election that took place in 1763 with the election of Dodge Alvise IV Mocenigo. Guardi captured this amazing moment for the future to witness, the election is a massive thing in italy. Its compared to the election in America but almost 2 times more bigger, its no joke to italy and he was there to capture and give the future a vivid

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