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  • The Painting Essay

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    The Painting "A picture can paint a thousand words." I found the one picture in my mind that does paint a thousand words and more. It was a couple of weeks ago when I saw this picture in the writing center; the writing center is part of State College. The beautiful colors caught my eye. I was so enchanted by the painting, I lost the group I was with. When I heard about the observation essay, where we have to write about a person or thing in the city that catches your eye. I knew right away that

  • The Painting Reflection

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    The 2011 animated movie, The Painting, directed by Jean-François Laguionie, offered interesting thoughts on the debates about the existence of god, the perception of reality, and freewill. The complexity of the paintings and painter is in parallel with our understanding of the world and god or creator. It prompts a question though. Are we blind to our own reality never realizing that we are just one painting within another and clueless about what is beyond our own frame? While a final answer to

  • Mannerist Paintings

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    Paintings from the High Renaissance and Mannerist Period Mannerism emerged and rejected the classical Greco-Roman art in the 1520s, which constituted to the Renaissance era. The Mannerist works challenged the Renaissance style and the interest in human anatomy, perspective, and proportion (Kleiner 600). In contrast to the Late Renaissance painters where they were inclined to create naturalistic art, Mannerist painters honed in creating art that was unrealistic by portraying ambiguous space, unusual

  • Painting Analysis Essay

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    richness and lavishness. The viewer will observe a fusion of the realistic tradition of Flemish painting with the imagination and freedom of Italian renaissance painting. The painting expresses Neoplatonic views while also providing the viewer with endless topics for discussion and analysis, making it a true conversation piece. The “Garden of Love” depicts a scene of passionate festivities. In the painting, a group of aristocratic lovers decorated in the most extravagant of satins and lace are placed

  • Paintings of the Old Masters

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    intensity. If one is showed a stunning painting of a red rose, one of the descriptions that could apply to that paining is beauty: seeing such an elegant spectacle of nature being emulated on paper can be quite stimulating. Another description that could be associated with a red rose is passion, as such a color may leave one energized and spontaneous; however how would one respond if they were told that the painting of the rose was painted with blood. Now a painting that once may have suggested the aspects

  • Color and Painting

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    was most fascinating was called Die Quelle (The Spring), made in about 1895. The artist of this painting was Hans Thoma

  • Renaissance Painting Restoration

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    Virgin, Child and St. John the Baptist (1480-65), by Jacopo del Sellaio (1440-93), and Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and Angel (1518-20), by Domenico di Bartolomeo Ubaldini or Puligo (1492-1527), are small (83-86 cm), oil-on-wood paintings by Florentine artists of the second rank, and were most probably commissioned by churches are decorative altarpieces. Their style, color, subject matter and composition are very technically competent but dull, repetitive, imitative and uninspired

  • Landscape Painting : Landscape, Landscapes, And Paintings

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    Landscape painting has been developed and pursued by many over the centuries. Think back to the dawn of civilization, cavemen were painting murals upon the cave walls of the nature that surrounding him and the animals that habituated. The term "landscape" derives from the Dutch word landschap, which originally meant "region, tract of land" but acquired the artistic connotation, "a picture depicting scenery on land" in the early 1500s (American Heritage Dictionary, 2000). All my life, I have lived

  • Painting The Battle Of Anghiari

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    sufficient visual analysis of a painting. It will use the painting The Battle of Anghiari to identify an underlying feeling associated with the painting. The paper will also try to determine the emotions and message that may be associated with this piece of art. Also, use sources to show what Leonardo Da Vinci intended to show in this marvelous masterpiece. Additionally, incorporating the history and background of the time and place, establishing the purpose of this painting being created, and overall

  • The Art Of Paintings

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    texture to my artwork, so the first painting I worked on, representing joy, I added some saltwater to it and actual grains of salt. I really wanted this artwork to stand out from the other two, because of how different this emotion is. The canvas has a yellow background, because I wanted all the bright colors I used to really pop on the