Frankenstein And Hollywood Analysis

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THE ATTACK - By Hang and Sarah This animation has no dialogue, the audiences have to rely on what they see to understand the plot of the story. The first scene took place next to a huge window with sunset, recreate this scene for 3 seconds. A sphere of red clay (plays as the monster) rolled inside from the outside, it vibrated left and right. The window had already opened, the strange creature entered the room. CHANGE SCENE: - The bookshelf Second scene will be at the bookshelf, which is HOME, where people live. The camera recorded scene of “HOME” while people are minding their own business. CHANGE SCENE: - The study area The camera took the whole scene of the park, where there are desks with people that’s made up of clay as they played and …show more content…

At this scene, the camera will take a closer look into the fight. The monster spewed out something from its mouth, straight at the robot’s face, like poison (whole scene). After a long fight, the robots won against the monster, where it fall down onto the ground motionless, dead… LAST SCENE: - The true After killing the monster, the heroes felt the true sense of victory, celebrating what they did. People around yelled “ hooray, hooray” ( or something like that). Suddenly, a small version of the monster rolled next to the bigger version. Just by looking at it, the little thing seemed to be calling the bigger one awake. The small version started to cried and continue to called ”mama”. When the heroes know what they have done, they felt extremely regretful for their actions. LAST SCENE: - The truth (part two) This scene will show what happened in the past that make the monster came to “HOME”, it’s like a reverse back to the past to see what happen. After a trip to the past, everyone placed a flower nearby the monster. Except for the heroes, they feel regretful of what they did, guiltiness overwhelmed their hearts and minds. THE

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