Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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Throughout the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley shows the creature and his creator Victor Frankenstein as similar in many ways. Through these similarities, Shelley tries to express to the reader how they can find similarities with others around them, and relate to one another. Especially as the novel progresses, Shelley reveals these similarities as the characters develop. Though on the surface they may seem on two opposite ends of the spectrum, digging deeper shows that the creature and Frankenstein share many characteristics. They both share a trait of seclusion, a wanting for vengeance, as well as a drive to gain more knowledge about certain topics. Shelley purposefully put these similarities in the book to show how humans can relate to one another, regardless of how different they seem.
Soon after the monster comes into existence, he finds trouble fitting in and socializing with others. In fact, he struggles to even approach anyone without getting a reaction of disgust or fear. As an outcast, he displays traits of loneliness and seclusion from everyone he comes in contact with. Shelley portrays the creature as independent, showing that he has no choice but to go on his own. Frankenstein shows traits comparable to the monster in this way. He also shows traits of isolation from others. While capable of socializing with others, he chooses to dedicate his time to his studies, research, and experiments. Shelley presents Victor as a loner through his own decision, while the

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