Frankenstein: the Alternative Ending Essays

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Frankenstein: The Alternative Ending I hastily fled to my newest place of work. I had inhabited the world with a second creation. This demon, though a woman, was more terrifying and hideous than the first. A monstrous creature created only for longing of a new beginning. A world where I would forget this horrible deed I had bestowed upon the universe. I had only promised my first creation a companion, not a family. His companion would never get the chance to conceive, for no more demons will wreak havoc upon mankind. I fled knowing the creature was close looking for what I had promised him. I searched the beaches on the island for a boat of some sort to take me far away. A sense of relief filled my body when I saw a fishing boat…show more content…
Suddenly a piercing cry came from my bedroom. I darted up the stairs following the cry of such extreme agony. I stopped in the bedroom doorway to find my wife’s lifeless body lying on the floor with a hulking figure peering over it. What at first glance I thought to be my mortal enemy was actually my second creation. “Why?” I screamed in anguish. “You killed her when you created me. You and my companion brought me into this world for your selfish needs. I am now torture and scorned by the inability to pro-create. You made me defective. Now you too will never find happiness in the coming of a child.” “You promised me! You hideous creatures promised that never should any of mankind have to look at such a gruesome sight again. Where is the creature that has betrayed me?” “I promised nothing, for it was my companion who betrayed you! Nevertheless, I have killed him for being the reason for my wretched existence. Now you shall be alone and unloved, like me, the creature you created.” The demon was out the window without a trace. My father died within a month because of the grief of his dead daughter and grandchild. With every aching moment that went by, the need for revenge filled my entire body. It became my mission for the next year to find this horrendous creature, more evil than the first, who had stolen my happiness. That is how I ended lost in the ice, on this ship. Walton in Continuation August 26th My dear sister, you have read the
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