It 's All About The Execution

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It’s All About The Execution Part 1: Change The captain’s words were final that day, “A human is destined to work and help the greater good of all else. Unlike before people will not work to live. They will live to work. No one will be discriminated by their personality: all will be equal. Feelings shall not be expressed. No one will more or less than the others. Life as we know it will cease to exist. A new more powerful empire will be created in which everything is perfect. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF OSMUA!” A lot has changed since then, especially for me, Number 34944. My grandmother, Number 2688, was there when the captain declared the new state. She says at one point the Autocracy did not exist. Everyone was different; people had …show more content…

The captain stepped towards me, making me feel small and helpless. I shrunk into my seat before I heard a demanding- “STAND BACK UP!”- from the Captain. “I’m sorry sir,” I said with a shaky voice. “No sorries are accepted,” He pronounced. Everyone gasped. “Sir, but...bu-” “No buts. Tomorrow at noon you will meet me in the public execution room only to see your life fall in pieces. “Sir, why?” “You have broken three of our countries laws. You have expressed your feelings in a crowd of other humans. You have shown disrespect to our country 's beloved and important captain. You did something out of the ordinary without instruction from the captain.” “I don’t-” “The order of Osmua states that all people who break a law must have an execution in front of the captain. As of tonight, I will have number 34602 give the update and discuss your circumstances. 34944, you may leave.” Part 3: Report I sat with my family, who were intently watching this evening report. Despite the comfort I feel with my family, I knew I would be startled by their reaction to the news. Just as I thought the tension couldn 't increase, 34602 appeared on the screen. “Today in the biomechanical division we have improved the function of artificial organs. Using our knowledge of engineering and biological we have developed a new kidney transplant,” she said, crisp and clear, “We also have some unfortunate news. 34944, has a scheduled

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