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Submitted to: Dr. Chambers Instructor Business Plan Development BUSN 635 – D001- Win 13 Prepared by: Lucretia J. Franklin April 28, 2013 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 1 MISSION STATEMENT 2 THE BUSINESS PLAN PHASE I 3 Description 3 Required Licenses and Permits 3 Insurance 4 Reasons 4 Potential 4 Outside Resources 6 THE BUSINESS PLAN PHASE II 7 Service 7 Benefits 7 Demands 8 Different 8 THE BUSINESS PLAN PHASE III 9 Location 9 Physical Facility 9 Office 9 Restrooms 9 Break Room 10 Warehouse 10 Truck Wash 10 Parking Lot 10 Security Cameras 10 Setbacks 11 THE BUSINESS PLAN PHASE IV 12 Marketing Analysis 12 Industry Trends 12 Customers 12 Growth 12 Pricing 13 THE BUSINESS PLAN PHASE V 14 Direct Competitors 14…show more content…
The Federal License Motor Carrier Safety Administration is where you have to get the licenses and permits. The license and permits are listed below: ICC/MC number or Your Own Authority. DOT number, A. IFTA (Interstate Fuel Tax Authority) cists $590 per truck yearly. B. KYU (License to operate in the state of Louisiana). Operating Tags, which are your licenses to put on the trucks, costs $1590 yearly. 2290/Schedule 1 is a schedule to have a heavy highway vehicle. IRP Card is your state license and permit. Trailer Tags are another license to carry on the tractor. These licenses must be done before putting the heavy equipment on the highway. When you are leasing your truck to a broker, they will make sure this will be done when you join his/her company. Insurance Insurance is the most important thing to have for both truck and trailer. Each truck has two types of insurances. The trucks are to be insured with an on-called load, or loaded and bob-tailed when not under a load. Today many accidents happen by four wheelers and trucks. An owner operator cannot drive without insurance; he/she must have this before getting licenses and permits. The truck must be insured at the minimum of $100,000 to be accepted. Reasons The reasons for this new transportation business is because of many changes in the transportation laws concerning the hours of service and not enough trucks to get the cargo around the states. The hours of service have been causing the markets

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