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It’s Time to End Fraternities for Good September, 22 2014 in Clemson, SC Tucker Hipps passed away from an alleged hazing incident. Hipps, a sophomore at Clemson University, was pledging to Sigma Phi Epsilon and among his pledging period was forced by his fraternity “brothers” to walk along the railing of a bridge where he slipped and fell into the water. Shortly after the accident, his body was found floating along the water of Lake Hartwell. “Cindy and Gary Hipps lost their only son in a senseless way” (Mayo). If one death from hazing is not enough for colleges to take real action, this week alone a student from LSU, Maxwell Gruver, was forced to drink by his fraternity brothers resulting in death of alcohol poisoning. “Gruver’s blood …show more content…

So why am I so concerned about it? Because there is no change being done. This issue is so important to me because now, being a student in college with friends in college as well, it is prevalent in my life. I know what many people are thinking, putting an end to fraternities won’t necessarily put an end to hazing or rape, but it is still an abundant issue and leading cause of death occurring at most colleges. Granted, there are many cases were hazing, also known as bullying, takes place in everyday occasions, as noted, it is most prevalent within fraternities. I am aware that there are precautions to hazing incidents, such as the hazing form on the colleges website, but to me it makes more sense to unload a gun than shoot at a bullet proof vest. So, with that, put an end to fraternities now instead of waiting for another death to motivate the movement.
Along with hazing, there have been many sexual assaults reported against women by college fraternity brothers. According to Jessica Valenti in her article, “Frat brothers rape 300% more. One in 5 women are sexually assaulted on campus. Should we ban frats?” she states three sexual assaults that were reported last year in one Texas fraternity (Valenti). That is three assaults too many. Along with that at Georgia Tech, our neighboring state school, a frat brother sent out an email strictly designed to learn to “Lure your

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