Examples Of Loner What Are The Implications Of Fraternization

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What are the implications of being a “loner” or of close fraternization on/off the job?

Presented by: Christopher Bailey, Daniel Dinis, Levi White, Jaden Alvarado, and Larry Knight

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, “to fraternize is to associate with others in a brotherly or congenial way (“Fraternize”).” It also states a loner is “one who avoids the company of others (“Loner”).” In the workplace, there are many implications of being a loner, or of close fraternization on, and off, the job. The perception of you from those in the workplace affects …show more content…

For example, a handshake in the United States is a gesture Americans use, but in another country, it could not be accepted and considered rude. Another gesture is looking someone in the eye when spoken to; we do this in the United States because it is respectful, but in other countries, it is considered rude. Humor can be taken as rude and offensive if the other person you are talking to does not get it (Cross Communication).

Communication culture has changed throughout the world with all the new technological advancements. These advancements in technology have made it easier to get a hold of people all over the world, but we still have to be effective communicators. We still have to get our message across clearly and take in account for other’s cultural differences. Businesses want everyone to get along and things to run smoothly. Therefore, businesses try to make sure every message is given and received clearly. If you do not respect other’s languages, it can cause problems like people not wanting to work with you or formation of cliques in the work place. Every business will tell you that they do not want these problems. Once these problems are present then the business has to fix them to ensure a positive work environment.

Everywhere you look you can find cliques, or groups of people who separate themselves from others deemed "unworthy," this even includes the workplace. The workplace is the perfect environment to support cliques and

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