Freakonomics : Ten Ideas For Make Politics Less Rotten

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Freakonomics: Ten Ideas to Make Politics Less Rotten Politics has changed so much over the years that it has become a knockout fight between Demarcates and Republicans. Centralism has disappeared in favor of extreme left and extreme right. Congresswoman Olympia Snowe left congress as a result of this change. Snowe now aids in the effort to reform congress by encouraging less extremism and more cooperation. She hopes to change the environment in congress and increase cooperation and advancement in the political system. The approval rating of congress is declining. Freakonomics Radio asks different politicians and scholars from both sides of the political spectrum what ideas and practices must go to improve the political atmosphere and…show more content…
Dean suggest ranked choice votes to ensure the candidate that is most liked will win the office. When a candidate is not only trying to win the first vote but also the second or third, the candidates behave much more politely. This system aids in cleaning up the political campaign trail and paves a way for the most respected and best suited candidate for the job to be chosen. Dean’s idea of ranked-voting was an interesting concept as well. I politicians are forced to earn more votes from people they will behave better. The votes would be combine in a way that the best person for the job will get the most votes from everyone. I would be interested to see this system put into practice. Rob Richie of the FairVote group, suggests getting rid of winner-take-all elections. When you get 51% of the vote, you represent 100% of the people. If a candidate is obviously going to win a majority of the vote not only do they represent all the people but people don’t engage in the voting process. This change would result in larger areas having more representatives. The system would change from needing a little over half to win the seat to only needing a third of the vote to win. This will ensure more voters’ voices are heard. Richie suggested we change the winner take all votes to having more people elected to balance the representatives. I believe this splitting of vote would help more minorities be heard in a district. I also feel this system may become more cumbersome to getting the

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