Frederick Douglass Disobedience

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This quote sparks interest due to disobedience often containing a negative connotation. However, in this quote disobedience is honorable, and to be called disobedient is a compliment. According to Wilde, disobedience is beneficial and without it social progress could not be made. Without disobedience, society is unable to change or improve from past mistakes. Without rebellion or disobedience, what will promote people to act on their injustices? Rebellion and disobedience are beneficial in promoting social progress. Through it, citizens are able to bring issues and injustices they want acknowledged to the forefront. Through these ways, they try to make the world a better place for everyone and to bring people to the realization as to why the issues that they face are at fault and that they should be restored. In relation to the novel, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass’s disobedience ultimately sparked his freedom. Being introduced to the “heart rending shrieks” from his aunt at such a young age, slavery has implanted a long-lasting effect on his life. Often times, when one experiences a painful memory in the manner such as, watching a family member hit until they are covered with blood, sparks a fire to stand up for what is right in the back of their mind. Douglass carried those visions of his aunt along with him his whole life, as well as his own repulsive images and memories. These memories brought him to his jurisdiction of fighting back

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