Oscar Wilde And Disobedience

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Human beings possess several virtues that differentiate them from other creatures and can use them in ways that represent their perceptions of social order. Surprisingly, Oscar Wilde believes that disobedience is an original virtue of every human and that it is responsible for progress and development. While Wilde’s claim is not entirely accurate, it is largely valid as evidenced by the recent events across the world, including the US, that have led to positive outcomes in spite of being termed and perceived as acts of disobedience.

The instance of civil disobedience by some NFL players who knelt during the national anthem is not different from the one that inspired the American Revolution since they were both aimed at driving positive social progress in the country. Virtue is defined as a morally correct quality or trait of man while disobedience is regarded as a defiant action to norms. The essence of this definition is to understand the extent of the validity of Mr. Wilde claim that non-compliance is inherent in the good nature of man. As noted in the introductory section, despite the categorization of civil disobedience as a horrible act, it is necessary for the attainment of social goals of any nation. In the case of the American Revolution, the founding fathers considered the lack of proper representation of the thirteen colonies in the British Parliament as an injustice to the people that contributed resources to the running of the government through taxes.

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