Free Church Sociology

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This week we are focusing on the types of people who come to our selected field site. The individuals who frequent Free Church all have one thing in common, they attend the church because they want to learn more about the Christian religion, worship God, and possibly meet other people who have the same desire. In some cases the members may have grown up in a Christian family where they have been going to church since they were young, or they could have found Christianity later in their lives. Moreover in my research, I saw that men were going to men’s ministry to learn what it means to be a “man” within the context of Christian teachings, and women were going to women’s ministry to lean the same thing. Josie and I discussed that in terms of the racial make-up of, The Free Church’s membership is predominantly European-American, although almost all ethnic groups are represented in the Church’s population. With regards to socio-economic status, most of the people at the …show more content…

The first is that they assume that religious people are too uneducated to think for themselves, and they are simple minded followers who believe everything that the church tells them. In addition, some researchers have assumed that because someone is a part of the Christian community, they hold specific opinions on political issues that are intertwined with religion (abortion, gay marriage). However, this is inaccurate as there are a number of unique individuals and opinions within the Christian church. Furthermore, there are two different types of people who attend the church. The first is the pastor who most likely went to university to learn about Christianity and is knowledgeable on the subject, and the people who attend the church, and are there to obtain this knowledge. This creates a power dynamic within the church, where one person has authority over the education of

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