Free Will Or Fate?

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Bayley Neville Dr. Roberts English 235 October 5, 2015 Free Will or Fate? How does Odysseus decline Circe’s offer to become immortal? How does Don Quixote become a knight? Was it free will or fate? Some may say that the Odyssey is completely fate based and Don Quixote is entirely based on free will, but the two hold more similarities than you may realize. Homer, the writer of The Odyssey, focuses mainly on the god’s influence of Odysseus’s travels home. Miguel De Cervantes, writer of Don Quixote, uses Quixote’s imagination and decisions to motivate travel. Although they bear some minor similarities, the differences between The Odyssey and Don Quixote are pronounced. Before discussing the similarities I would like to go over the differences between the two. In the Odyssey, the gods are responsible for controlling almost the entire story. They are the reason he gets captured and held for eight years. They are the cause of the storm that nearly drags Odysseus out to sea. They play a very important role in this poem. Don Quixote is written much differently than The Odyssey. Don Quixote has much more freedom to choose what happens in his life. He decides to become a knight and travel all over. He set off on a journey to help other and to earn his knighthood. He does this at his own free will, something that Odysseus did not have. Odysseus did not decide to get held for eight years and then suddenly be released to journey home. This proves that The Odyssey and Don Quixote are

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