Freedom And Freedom Of Freedom

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What is freedom? Many people have a different view of freedom. Some people can see freedom politically, financially, or freedom of expression. The meaning and views about freedom had changed throughout history.
Due to European 's social crisis, which causes many poor colonists to leave England for North America. Many early European settlers came to North America because they wanted more religious freedom, to set up their own colony, and have a better government. " in a well governed and Christian Commonwealth matters concerning religious and the honor of God ought in the first place to be taken into serious consideration...whatsoever person ...deny our Savior Jesus Christ to be son od God shall be punished with death and confiscation..." (Voices of Freedom pg.28) Furthermore, the English immigrants to North America and settled in the colony of Virginia called Jamestown. English men had difficult times living there due to diseases breakout, and, also to begin with there were only a few travelers who had made it to the North America. Their freedom was to establish a new government which would recreate English society in North America. They wanted to create a "city upon a hill", a perfect ideal for New English to follow. They wanted to be a city on a hill that everyone else would admire and want to emulate.

Colonists had differents view about freedom, even for indentured servants as well. Indentured servants must have to surrender their freedom for a specific time,…

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