Freedom Is Overrated

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Aidan Erbter
Advanced Placement Language and Composition
December 15, 2017
Freedom is overrated
Imagine a world where laws and rules were never in place. Citizens would run rampant and people would commit crimes without any consequence for their actions. Now imagine a world where freedom was non-existent. Everyone's actions and behaviors would coincide with one another, as if they were robots. Straying from the extremes, H. L. Mencken an American writer wrote that the average man would rather be safe than free. To completely understand his statement, you must look at a specific word. The average man. H. L. Mencken is right because people would rather have laws to protect themselves, people want to live comfortable lives, and the people who diverge from what society tends to do are more than the average person.
In America, and a large majority of countries, you are born with a little bit of freedom. Freedom is offered in schools and homes. Once people grow up, and earn their freedom, they are allowed to roam the streets and say what they want to say and do what they want to do. But with freedom, there must be laws. Laws prevent people from stepping across the line and hurting others. These laws aren't to make our government appear more superior than its citizens, but to provide protection and safety for its people. With this safety, people sacrifice some of their freedom. People still retain a large amount of freedom, but some must be given over for the sake of

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