Freedom Or Lack Of Freedom

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Freedom or the lack of has always been important in America today and in American history. My definition of freedom is the right and ability to do or say what you want, within reason. There should be laws to stop people from doing or saying something that will harm others, but these laws must treat everyone as equals. And freedom means not being enslaved to someone else. Freedom is the right to go out and make your own choices. America has been shaped not only by freedom itself, but also the lack of freedom that some people did not get to experience. My first example is what freedom meant to the colonies after the Revolutionary War. It meant they weren’t controlled by the British government anymore. They no longer had to listen or follow their rules. They were free to make their own decisions. They were able to form their own government and set their own rules. For the colonies, they decided that the best way was by public voting. That way there wasn’t an anarchy like they had in Britain. The American people could elected whoever they wanted. Second I want to refer to the movie we watched “Unchained Memories”. In this documentary, actors and actresses read narratives of past slaves. Some of the stuff was just painful to hear. They talked about the physical abuse and how bad their lives were. One slave mentioned how his owner hardly fed them so he would try and steal food for him and his family, but he got caught and got whipped and then they poured salt into his wounds.

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