Freedom Of Religious Freedom

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Freedom of religion When we say freedom of religion what is that exactly means? The First Amendment describe the right of religion like this, everyone in the United States can practice to any religion or not practice a religion. (Your Right to Religious Freedom) In the united states, there is no an official religion and the government do not give any support for any religion institution because of the government want to encourage and promoting religion in any ways. In addition to that, nobody can penalize any citizen because of their religious beliefs. It’s always best to keep the government out of religion to protect religion liberty. The three United States founders were different religious backgrounds. As most of us know the public schools are run by the government and they obey the First Amendment. When any public education institution teach about the impacts of religion in literature, history and philosophy they can't indorse religious beliefs or practices as part of the catalogue. In the United States no one can prayer, theological reading and loudspeaker spiritual breach in any public area that runs by government because they promote religion and this is protected by the First Amendment, but when we say this we it’s not including individuals. Individual have the right to practice their religion, pray when and where ever they want to, as long as they don't interrupt other people or activities for example, by forcing others to pray with them or practice their religion.

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