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Freedom Of Speech
In 399 B.C, the Greek Philosopher Socrates was persecuted for an early argument promoting free speech. Later on, The Protection of Speech was first introduced when the Magna Carta was signed in 1215, and in 1948, the United Nations stated that free speech is a human right and drafted into the international Declaration of Human rights.The government doesn 't have the right to make a law abridging the freedom of speech because Free Speech is a form of democracy and it 's a fundamental right, it 's unconstitutional, and freedom of speech is vital to the advancement of knowledge and the search for the truth. First, the government does not have the right to make laws abridging the freedom of speech. Free speech preserves liberty by preventing the spread of uncontrollable power. Free speech serves as a “check and balance” for the Government limiting it will take away that form of check and balance. “The 1st amendment was founded from the principles of John Locke. Under the social compact, sovereignty always rests with the people, who never surrender their natural right to protest, or even revolt, when the state exceeds the limit of legitimate authority” (Milovanovic). John Locke followed principles that should be fully enforced. Although some people may say hurtful things, it is still their opinion. 70% of Americans agreed that people should have the right to free speech, even if their words are offensive. Also, Freedom of Speech is a civilian 's way to check

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