Freedom Of Speech Should Not Be Limited

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Freedom of Speech Should not be Limited
Censorship is the limitation of writing or speech that is considered to be harmful to the citizens of the nation. Even though censorship can be carried out by individuals, mostly it’s carried out by the government and used to suppress speeches and media contacts. The idea of censorship spread in Western Europe soon after the printing press in the late 1400s. Before printing, books were made in monasteries, and they decided what to control. The invention, printing press ended the control, monasteries had over written words. Written materials were also made faster and were spread. Soon after the invention, the government started censoring what can be written and distributed (“Censorship”). To protect citizens from the government, the Bill of Rights was created and had the First Amendment in it. The First Amendment was ratified in 1791 in the United States as part of the Bill of Rights and was added to the Constitution ("First Amendment”). It was added as colonists demanded the protection of their individual rights. The Amendment promises its citizens the right to express their thoughts without congress limiting it, however, by starting censorship, congress violated the First Amendment. In addition, congress goes one step further and even makes national laws to suppress speech. The First Amendment is not a viable document because throughout history and still today United States citizens are being punished for saying and expressing…
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