Freedom Vs Hate Speech

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The Founding Fathers struggled to create a free and equal society, because the colonies had been under the British rule, which oppressed them and gave them no religious freedoms and civil liberties. The colonies were kind of scared that this would happen all over again within this new government. After the Constitution was written in 1787, the new country was directly divided into two political parties, the federalists and the anti-federalists, over the ratification. At that time most of the States believed that the Constitution by itself was enough but others felt that they needed more guarantees. After much debates, the two sides found a middle ground when the Bill of Rights was included into the Constitution in 1791 but it only guaranteed …show more content…

The government cannot take away the freedoms wrote in the Bill of Rights, and any activity that encroaches these liberties are illegal. However, in some cases our civil liberties are restricted. The freedom of speech is protected by the first Amendment; a person has the right to say their opinions about a matter without being scare to be arrest by the government. Nevertheless, in some case such as hate speech, it does not work like that because base on the definition of book “hate speech is a form of expression that hostile toward a particular race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation” (102). Moreover, Freedom to a peaceful protest is protected by the first Amendment and Supreme Court, which has ruled that peaceable assemblies are to be permissible for all groups, no matter how revolting. However, governments can regulate the time, manner, and place of the meeting as long as it is nonviolence. For instance, in February, 2, 2017, according to Madison Park from CNN, there were a peaceful protest in Berkley California against Trump’s administration that went wrong. The Berkley protests caused $ 100.000 worth in damage. The protesters throw rocks at the police, set fire, use hate speech against Muslim, race, and damage public construction. This doesn’t look like as peaceful assemble, instead this is a massive …show more content…

The 4th Amendment protects from “search home or business search warrant” The Court has protected people homes if the police want to go inside without a search warrant, but there are exceptions to this rule. For example, cars or school lockers are not subject to the same protection as homes are. Moreover, if an evidence is collected illegally, it will not being use at court, no matter how convincing the evidence is. This right is applied to both states and federal government. Next, the 6th Amendment which is the right to have a legal Counsel and a Jury Trial, however, today our criminal justice has been giving unfair trial to people. Base on the article “Innocent until proven Indigent” gives us many facts that explain why the criminal justice is corrupt. The article states that the public defender has been receiving a caseload without enough resource, lack of good defense or attorney, and the public defender don’t have enough time to study the case. However, when police arrest these people, they always read them their Miranda rights which stipule that the individual have the right to have an attorney and if they cannot afford one, the state will appoint them one. Honestly, this law has not been respected because people has been putting in jail unfairly

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