French Influence On Canada

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Today, there are 195 countries in the world, but none of them are as unique as (or even similar to) France. It holds claims to some of the richest traditions and cultural heritages that have ever existed. But, these facts are not even the most impressive thing about this country: its language is way more awe-inspiring. French is the only language that is spoken on every single continent, and it has the capability to bring different countries and the world together. French is one of the only languages that is spoken worldwide, and it is impressively the only language that is spoken in all five continents. French has quickly morphed into a language of much importance, and this importance will only continue to grow; it is the second most commonly taught language in the world (after English), and because it is so commonly taught and known, speaking French will be helpful almost anywhere one travels. It allows for people, who previously would be unable to communicate, to interact and understand each other. Therefore, this language connects the world and brings it closer together. …show more content…

Compare and contrast Canada and Algeria to see this difference. Canada is a country in North America that is very diverse and multicultural; Canadians are typically characterized by their unique humor and by their fervent love for hockey. Alegria is a country in Africa where music, dance, culture, and the arts are strongly valued. These two nations are obviously different, but their common language (French) is the unifying factor that brings them together: it has the capability to unite even two of the most opposite

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