Difference Between Haitian And French Revolution

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The French Revolution vs. The Haitian Revolution
A revolution is a shift, a turning point, a change in government. A revolution usually occurs when the majority of a nation is frustrated with the economic, political, or the social situation of their country. Two very interesting revolutions were the Haitian and the French revolutions. While the Haitian and French revolutions took place in close proximity to one another, the cause for the revolutions and results were quite different.
The political situation at the time of the revolution was the white French planters who owned the large cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane plantations. Then came the Petit Blanc who were the artisans and workers. The Petit Blancs had some slaves but were …show more content…

While these were different causes for the revolutions, both revolutions did involve an insistence on fairness by the lower income population and a rejection of the status quo.
The results of the two revolutions were very different. In Haiti, the slaves killed thousands of planters leading to the realization by France that it could not continue to rule. But the French required Haiti had to pay billions of dollars to France for damages to French

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