Fresh Pandan Soap

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Fresh Pandan Soap (Investigatory Project)

1. To cure even without too much expenses; 2. To prove that there could actually be a natural cure in a soap;
3. To make use of the fragrance of Pandan Leaves in another way;
4. To recognize the medicinal capability of Pandan;
5. To treat leprosy, small pox and wounds;
6. To be aware of Pandan leaves not limited to culinary uses;
7. To relieve pains brought about by headache and arthritis;
8. To make soap even with limited utensils;
9. Because of Global Warming, pollution and genetic problems, we noticed that many are suffering from skin diseases. One of our main objectives is to heal these skin problems.

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In Hawaii, pandan flowers are being chewed by mothers who later give the chewed flowers to their children, as laxative. The juice extracted from pounded roots of this tree is used and mixed with other ingredients to ease chest pains. Also, it is used as tonic for women who have just given birth and who are still in weak states. Pandan flowers have also been traced with characteristics that function as aphrodisiac. Pandan also manifests anti-cancer activities, and that is why modern researches in the United States have subjected this plant for further experiments and investigation.

Pandan Health Benefits:
• Treats leprosy, smallpox and wounds.
• Helps reduce fever
• Solves several skin problems
• Relives headache and arthritis
• Treatment for ear pains
• Functions as a laxative for children
• Eases chest pains
• Helps in speeding up the recuperation of women who have just given birth and are still weak
• Pandan reduces stomach spasms and strengthens the gum.

Preparation & Use of Pandan:
• Decoction of the bark may be taken as tea, or mixed with water that is to be used in bathing, in order to remedy skin problems, cough, and urine-related concerns.
• Apply pulverized roots of pandan to affected wound areas to facilitate healing.
• The anthers of the male flowers are used for earaches, headaches and stomach spasms.
• Chew the roots to strengthen the gum.
• Extract oils and juices from the roots and flowers are used in preparing the

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