Freudian Psychoanalysis of Victor's Dream in "Frankenstein" Essay example

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Crazy Dreams Perhaps the most interesting event in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is the perverse dream that Victor Frankenstein experiences after he brings the creature to life. Examination of the dream through Freudian theories on sexual motivation and the Oedipal Complex provide insight to the actions and character of Mary Shelley's protagonist. Further examination also reveals the reason for Victor's actions and character and how each affects his relationship with those closest to him. Victor's retelling of the dream in Frankenstein states: I though I saw Elizabeth In the bloom of health, Walking in the streets of Ingolstadt. Delighted and surprised I embraced her, But as I …show more content…

This notion holds true because, to our knowledge, nobody else in the story is presented as an object of Victor's affection. Victor's sexual desire for Elizabeth is displayed through the way in which he embraces and kisses her. Any doubt to the existence of this sexual desire can be explained through examination of Victor's sheltered childhood. His only interaction with females was between Elizabeth and his mother Caroline. When Victor first meets Elizabeth his mother presents her as ."..a pretty present for my Victor." Victor also states at one point that Elizabeth is "the beautiful and adored companion of all my occupations and my pleasures." It is safe to derive from these two quotations that Elizabeth was intended to be Victor's object of affection during childhood and adulthood. It is also important to note that Elizabeth was "given to him" which can also be synonymous with the term "giving one's self." This euphemism is a term coined to represent the action of engaging in sexual acts with a person. A closer look at the dream reveals that Victor's lust for Elizabeth was not confined to just Elizabeth. Elizabeth's transformation into Caroline provides evidence that Victor's sexual feelings could also be towards his mother. According to Freud's Oedipal Complex, Victor could subconsciously use Elizabeth as a mask of his mother so that he does not have to consciously admit his desire for his mother. This theory also gives weight to the

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