Friedrich Nietzsche : Good And Evil

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Friedrich Nietzsche life, and his views on the world and the way he sees it and lives it, throughout his time. Nietzsche believes that “god is dead because we killed him”. Nietzsche used to practice Christianity but gave it up because he believes faith doesn’t offer he’s anti-religious. Nietzsche believes that Christianity support the weak. And the will to power is in you yourself. He also believes that what was considered good is now bad and what was considered bad is now good. And I would agree with these statements.

Nietzsche will to power,

What Nietzsche means when he says what’s now good is considered bad, and what was once bad now considered good is that the things we would consider bad like, pain weakness, theft, …show more content…

in order to be set free and live life happily Nietzsche is saying you shouldn’t live upon them rules. “To fully grasp its essence, the human body to be taken as a guide, because the body is wisdom and reason, define it as intelligent dynamic, organic faculty to understand and to think, think the whole organism and it is possible to speak of a mind unconscious body.” ( Nietzsche believes the will to truth lies in a connection between truth and God philosophers have bought into a religious ideal which has caused them to develop a blind reference for truth, making truth their God. As he writes in Genealogy of Morals, III, 25:

"That which constrains idealists of knowledge, this unconditional will to truth, is faith in the ascetic ideal itself even if as an unconscious imperative - don't be deceived about that - it is faith in a metaphysical value, the absolute value of truth, sanctioned and guaranteed by this ideal alone (it stands or falls with this ideal)." What Nietzsche is saying is that will to truth lies within your mind and your morals.

Nietzsche believes that Christianity pity’s the weak, meaning most people live their lives following religions and the don’t really see what they can be doing without faith. He wants us to overcome and believes we need new human values.

"These nay-sayers and outsiders of today who are unconditional on one point -- their

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