Frightful Factories: Child Labor

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Frightful Factories

The sweat dripped from the five year old’s face as he sent the parts down the assembly line. During the Industrial Revolution many children were forced to work in order to support their family because of the unstable economy. The hardships that these children suffered through ruined their childhood. In the factories, the working conditions for the children were terrible, they had working long hours for such little pay for their families. In the United States today, this problem is mostly resolved due to many bills that went through Congress, but in many third world countries child labor still exists. Although it was a very cheap solution for large companies, it destroys the life of children in an unethical manner.

During the Industrial Revolution, children were the cheapest type of labor for factories. The Industrial Revolution was a time in american history when the country was desperate for money because it was in so much debt after the gruesome Civil War. The economy got a sudden boost from all new inventions and innovations from geniuses like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Now, many people left the agricultural life and fled to cities where they had the chance to work in the factories to make money. At this time, children became much more commonly seen in factories due to their hard work for small pay. “In 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were under the age of 16” (Yellowitz). The other reason why many factory owners liked the

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