From Theodice To Social Prejudice In The Robbers Cave Experiment

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From prejudice to social discrimination.
A natural human behavior is to form groups and divide so now. This attitude leads to create prejudices against other groups, but the real problem arises when one of the groups is in great minority, because this situation will create a social discrimination. A simple prejudice is quick and easy that it becomes a much more serious social discrimination that is one of the major causes of social malaise.
Prejudice has become a regular feature of most people’s live. Prejudice is born only as a "previous judgment". It comes in more recent times to be extended and to be used mostly in the negative, indicating an earlier judgment, an opinion unmotivated, favorable or unfavorable character. The prejudice, in …show more content…

The Robbers Cave experiment shows how easily the group adopts an exclusive identity and how quickly this identity can degenerate into prejudice and antagonism toward those who are outside. Usually each group gets to the center of the universe by classifying other human beings in relation to itself. Exist in us so two identities: the individual and the social. This experiment I read in an article by Alessandro Cuminetti saying “the experiment consisted in taking as subjects 20 unsuspecting kids 12 years were all from different schools of Oklahoma City in the United States; none of them knew before arriving in the Robbers Cave camp; shared the same Protestant religion; had the same social class, or all grown into middle-class families” (Cuminetti). The Robbers Cave experiment goal was to investigate the formation of a group, the group cohesion, the conformism and how conflicts arise between groups. How did Sherif and employees to trigger a conflict between kids who were camping for fun? They divided the boys randomly into 2 teams! In less than no time the two groups took opposing identities, they created rivalries and camaraderie. Each group gave a name: Snakes Rattle and Eagles. The sports competitions proposals rivalry soured, and after two days of initial sportsmanship, it was …show more content…

It always born from a simple prejudice, which was later developed into labels and is finally culminated in the most famous and well-known social discrimination, racism. Always black men living judged and accused of evils dictated only by their skin color. They know many stories of accusations and violence in the name of racism, pointing to black people at fault and the problem of their skin color and for this to be accused of being inferior or at least to be "wrong". Examples of racism in history, there are millions, but I want to tell you one lived by me I was in line at the bar of my school in Italy, when I see two Italian boys who begin to fight with a black boy. I was in line at the bar of my school in Italy, when I see two Italian boys who begin to fight with a black boy. The discussion had begun, because the Italian boys claimed to be before him in the order of the row, but it was obvious that it was not true. Initially it looked like a normal fight, when suddenly the two Italian guys started to insult the black boy, with jokes racially motivated. The they buckled with expressions like, and lower negro, saying that he was lucky and had to thank them just because they allowed him to stand in line. However, the scene was seen by bartenders, who immediately called a professor, and boys sent to the headmaster. These are clear examples of the obvious problems that the social discrimination can lead. The latter my

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