Frontal Lobe Functions

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The brain has many parts such as the frontal lobe and the cerebellum, which both play major roles in the Human Brain.My first topic is the parts of the brain and all what it controls,in this topic we will cover the frontal and temporal lobes.We will be covering the cerebellum and its parts inside too.We will talk about how the brain sends nerves from the frontal lobe to your eyes to cry or how your temporal lobes send nerves to your nose to smell. Your frontal lobe is in the front part of your brain and controls most of your personality.The frontal lobe controls some of your voluntary movement.The frontal lobe does allot for instance when you are searching for a word your frontal lobe is the lobe that does everything to put that word out to your vocals to produce that word.Inside the frontal lobe is the primary motor cortex which is the cortex which movement occurs,the motor cortex is what sends nerves to your spinal cord which moves your muscles to move your legs or arms.Damage is crucial to this part of the brain mostly because,it's the most important lobe in the brain,if the frontal lobe was damaged you could lose so many things,for example you could lose your hope or trust which are some crucial things needed in life.Without the frontal lobe the personality of each

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