Full-time and Life Essay

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1. Identify some of the challenges that Chris Gardner faced when trying to sell his bone density scanners. There are many challenges that Chris Gardner faces selling the bone density scanners. The scanner represents many things to Chris. Firstly it represents money. Chris' challenge is to sell his scanners to help fund his and his son's life whilst he is completing his intership at Dean Witter. Secondly, the scanners represent a burden for Chris. They symbolise the challenges he had to ovecome in his life, in order for him gto move forward and establish a new life after the internship where he will have the financial stability to offer a better life for his son. The scanners represent many challenges, but they also offer hope. 2.…show more content…
It would've been a waste of valuable time. 4. What would result if Chris had given up his dream of getting a job and Dean Witter? Some of the events that would have happened if Chris had given up on his dream of working at Dean Witter, he and his son would not have had anywhere to live. Chris' income would've quickly turned to an extent where he would not have been able to provide enough to supply the resources that himself and his son would've needed to survive, he'd beyond and beyond debt and stuck in this never ending pit of misery. 5. Summarize some of the difficulties that Chris had to face while training at Dean Witter. Some examples of some of the difficulties that Chris had faced while training at his intership at Dean Witter was that he did not have enough time as the other interns. Due to this he found it alot harder to work his way up a sales calls list. Some reasons behind why Chris didn't have enough time in his day of internship is that he had to have spare time to earn money to feed his son Christopher, to pay Christopher's babysitter for that day and he also needed time to make sure he was in line by a certain time so he could have a place to sleep at a homeless shelter. 6. Did Chrisopher (Chris Gardner's son) face challenges during this time? Identify some of those challenges. Yes, Chris Gardner's son Christopher did face what i would call challenges. He had to over come the fact that

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