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  • An Intern At Design Hotels

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    As an intern in Design Hotels, I have gained experience that will enable me to develop a strong career in the future. The main problem that I face is the lack of well-structured Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and my major concern is the lack of necessary guidelines for my role in the office. For instance, I am supposed to be an intern in the department of Sales & Business Development. However, I am also responsible to act as the personal assistant to Area Director, Public Relations, and Revenue

  • The Legal Treatment Of Interns

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    have been major developments in the legal treatment of interns which have driven significant changes in the way companies approach internship programs. In 2010, the Department of Labor issued Fact Sheet #71, which provided guidelines as to the application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to internships. Most notable was the requirement that a sponsor of an unpaid internship may derive “no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern” (United Stated Department of Labor, 2010). These standards

  • Intern Reflection Paper

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    to fear God, because the fear of God has been growing in me ever since I learned that I’m responsible for all my sins. The biggest struggle I had while doing my intern was working with other interns. Two of the interns I had to work with, I found them to be highly sensitive and zealous for their theology. I witness one of the interns disrespectfully blowing up at a professor just because she felt the professor was attacking her denomination and her church. Knowing her temperament and outburst attitude

  • Reflection : Intern Connectivity

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    Summer interns and long term interns were required to participate in a capstone project. We were randomly assigned into 5 different groups and each group had to pick a topic that was going to be presented on in front of the executive team and all the managers. We started this project around the second week of June and the presentation was July 31st. During this week, my team and I met about once a week for the first couple of weeks and after a while, we met twice a week or more. During these meetings

  • Intern Project Essay

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    Projects Intern Projects Below I have compiled a quick list of all the projects that I worked on while I was at Garmin AT and my role in the project. All the proprietary information has been removed so some details may be intentionally vague. Major Projects • Flight Data Logging – Gathered flight data from many parts of the system in 1 second intervals. Built a page that would allow exporting of this data to an SD card by the end user. • WAAS Data Logging – Gathered WAAS data as it was being

  • Reflection Paper On Intern

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    Responsibilities. This semester as an intern at Wyoming County Children and Youth, I have gained enormous awareness of my future education and career aspirations. Some of the main duties I have performed as an intern include: supervised visitation, parenting, budgeting, in home services, policy and law regulations, and shadowing caseworkers. While following caseworkers I have the opportunity to watch case work on clients throughout the entire process. This process entails an enormous amount of

  • Hiring An Intern On The Workplace

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    Hiring an intern to help catch up on papers in a publishing company affects the company, its employees, maybe its clients and of course the intern. In this situation, the company makes out the best. Going off of the information that most publishing companies do not pay their interns, the business would basically be getting free work. The organization would be getting help equivalent to a worker and not have to increase their payroll at all. The publisher would be able to gain more free time to tackle

  • My Experience As An Intern

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    Throughout my experience as an intern, I had the same few tasks that I had to complete during the day. My first week, my main priority was correspondence. I had to sort through documents and divide them up into the different departments of the office. The correspondence pertaining to cost corrections were the ones that I had to deal with. I would take those documents and can them into a computer system called Perceptive or Image Now. Then I would go to the que in which I saved the correspondence

  • Workplace Protection for Unpaid Interns

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    Unpaid Interns Sexual harassment claims from unpaid interns against companies have been consistently dismissed. Current legal precedent forces students who accepting unpaid internships into a pool of vulnerable, powerless, at risk population. Many cases go undocumented, interns are often disempowered, feeling inferior in the workplace, working for no pay (often actually paying tuition for the honor to work for free), report to multiple superiors. With hopes of a future job offer, interns who experience

  • Intern At The Largest Cpa Firm

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    Alicia Sowinski Internship Reflection This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at the largest CPA firm in Buffalo, Freed Maxick, CPAs. It was an intense six-week program that exposed me to a variety of work in departments such as tax, audit, EAS, consulting, and healthcare. At Freed Maxick, they wanted the internship to parallel the experience their first-year staff accountants have. We were treated as full-time employees as we had our own cubicles, worked forty-hour weeks, and were