Funding for Public Education in the United States Essay

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The United States has many conflicts, one of them is funding on public education. Despite the fact that funding on public education will not help students succeed academically with the money provided to the schools, every school deserves to get as much money because students will receive more proper education and will be more successful students in the future.
Funding on public education will help students get the updated devices that will help them comprehend. An example would be “...Technology makes a difference in improving test scores and helping students reach performance goals. Technology also engages students in learning; improves attendance, decreases dropout rates, increases graduation rates and facilitates parent involvement.” …show more content…

This school prepares the students for the next step of their life to head to college or go to the work force. The schools want to see all students to graduate and start a career. Another example, “Children sitting in classrooms, riding buses, eating school lunches, participating in school programs are our nation’s future, so we want to provide them with a good start in life” ( Seeing students enjoying their school years is one of the best things there can be because these students will see have something to get their minds off and just focus on school and that is what public schools are doing for these children. The primary source of library funding for 44 percent of California schools comes from the School and Library Improvement Block Grant. The second-most important source of funding comes from fund-raising activities. In its first year, 5 percent of the block grant was invested in school libraries this shows that schools want to provide anything possible to get a better future for the students. ( When the schools have an opportunity to have a library open for them during school hours it can help those that need the extra time and for the ones that want a quiet place to go to and study.
So you can see that although schools get a lot of money for just not academics but also for other activities that can motivate them to have good grades. First, technology is

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