Future Generation Program For Obese Children ( Fgpoc )

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Obesity Children Program Future Generation Program For Obese Children (FGPOC) John Samame Abstract Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the cause of the growth in rural and suburb area. By using children in the investigation, it can help determine the root of the epidemic disease. In order to investigate further in children one needs to device a program. The main idea of this program is to reduce Obesity in further generation. Methods: The data set for this research consisted of 18 children, which are divided into two groups. These two group pertain to 9 girls and 9 boys between the ages of 2-18 around the world. Results: There was some improvement within the program of Obesity due to its positive results. Through …show more content…

This condition consist of excessive triglyceride in the body in which can cause serious intricacy such as high blood pressure, cardiac problems, and diabetes (AK,2014). Through out years developed countries obesity consist the most than developing countries (Inrernational Journal of Obesity,2008). This is because fast food was more available and mostly affordable to developed countries. In developing countries it was most common to have a balance diet through traditional food. Another negative contribution to obesity is exercise in which developed countries lack because of convenience of transportation and not enough time in the day (Int. J,2006). In today’s generation obesity has become more prevelant especially in children from developed countries to developing countries such as China, Brazil, and South Africa (Jennifer,2002) . Children in today’s generation are the most common to be obese due to the lack of exercise, education, and lack of positive food habits. In applying beneficial methods to exercise and eat healthier, it can minimize obesity instead of increasing it to be 1 billion obese adults by 2030. Children are more attracted to junk food every day from soda to greasy pizza and potatoes chips in the cafeteria due to exposure of advertisements and unwise choices. Due to observation many children are not aware in how serious it is to eat the essential vitamins and

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