Galactic Order Critique

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The Ultimate Critique
The Religion of the Galactic Order (The Way) is the ultimate religion of the Galactic Alliance. Similar to religions on Earth that aren’t necessarily Abrahamic, it gives moral and rituals, has a set belief system, and discusses our reason of human existence. However, like most religions, The Way is more of a closed sector of religion. Our main idea of The Way came from the ideas of Buddhism, Judaism, Scientology, and Catholicism. In a Buddhist perspective, one has to be spiritual to become a Jedi or to use the Force. One has to become one with the universe and ideas of the force is similar to the ideas of karma. This religion states that humans came from an alien race, the Hysalrians. As one can see, the Hysalrians are
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After coming up with the 6 elements of the force, Tuira noticed some flaws in the religion. Even though we tried to be authentic as possible, but one can’t have a functioning religion without a way of creating new members. Jedis are already ‘pure’ by nature due to their understandings of the force, therefore, there is no need for a nun. However to fix that, we need some people who understand the force and can still create members without converting people to become Jedi Masters. Second, if we had enough time, we would like to create parables for the religion to create myths and legends. Technically, one can say that the Star Wars Saga is an urban legend on how Luke Skywalker realizing that he had great power and needed to use it to save the universe. If we could, we would also like to annotate the main Star Wars characters with the religion which includes: Anakin Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Han Solo, Yoda, and Obi Won Kinobi. Finally, with its many strengths in spirituality, there are are a few weakness. Of course, there is the procreation and new member factor. Yes, technically, everyone can use the force, but not everyone will choose too. We created the Jad as a way to describe those who don’t want to understand the methods of the force. Because of this, we fear that this will lead to another form of discrimination. Instead of prejudices of race, gender or sexuality, there will be a time where Jedis and Jad will go against each other in a socioeconomic way. We can’t let that happen. Overall, this project was great in terms of the fact that we created a religion based on Star
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