Galileo Galilei's Life

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Galileo Galilei was one of the most famous Italian scantest in the world. He was born on 15 of February 1564. He was interested in physics, mathematics and astronomy. He wrote a lot of books about these subjects which has impact in many aspects on human lives. This essay will tell about Galileo Galilei life, then about what did he invent, after that I will tell about his theory.

Firstly, Galileo Galilei was born in (Pisa). His father, Vincenzo Galilei was a musician and his mother was Giulio degli Ammannati. They was belonged to the nobility but they was not rich. He studied in the University of Pisa and his father would like him to study medicine but he learned physics. In 1592 he moved to Padua and he was a professor in mathematics in
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This claim contradicted the Church interpretation of Scripture. These publications and Galileo's attempts to interpret Scripture according to this new theory, were not acceptable to the Church. In 1616, he met inquisition officials a number of times and they forbade him to support the Copernican theory (See the Prohibition of the Copernican theory). This was the first part of his conflict with the Church, which reached its climax at his trial conducted 17 years…show more content…
He continued to be involved in scientific discussions and continued writing. In 1623, he published his book The Assayer - Il Saggiatore, which was a great attack on the Aristotelian philosophers who base their theories on Aristotle's authority rather than their observations. In this book Galileo claimed that the language of nature's book is mathematics and that the way to understand nature is through mathematics. The book was highly successful, even with the new Pope Urbanus XIII, and among the higher echelons of the Christian church. Encouraged by his success, Galileo began writing his comprehensive book on the Copernican theory, The Dialogue A Bout Two Ch ief World Systems, which was published in 1632. The book presents the claims favoring the Copernican theory and shows that the motion of the earth is possible. The book is full of harsh attacks against Aristotelian
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