Galileo's Accomplishments

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Galileo Galilei was astronomer and physicist. Even centuries after his existence and decades after the discontinuation of a spaceship of his namesake, the nature of his character is often debated. Yet knowing so much about his education and his ingenuity, we know so little about him. However, we have sufficient data of his ingenuity and arrogance. Galileo’s ambitions and education allowed him to contribute to religious and non-religious matters, as well as develop several unrefined inventions such as a thermometer. In addition, his astronomical aspirations led to the development of the telescope and Copernican theory. However, his ambitions allowed for arrogance, leading to unmannerly actions towards his professors, colleagues and the church. In this portrayal, Galileo was able to excel and contribute to physics and astronomy, while his arrogance acted a limiting factor. As a result of his education and his ingenuity, Galileo was able to excel in several academic fields. Galileo initiated his education early, attending a Jesuit monastery at age eleven, followed with a medical perusal at the University of Pisa. However, soon abandoning his studies, he …show more content…

In 1610, Galileo was able to construct a three-power telescope, later refined to ten-powers, without education in optics. This allowed him to discover an imperfect lunar surface, contrary to common belief at the time. Similarly, his 30-power telescope was used to observe the movement of Venus, Jupiter’s moons and the nature of Saturn’s rings to support the Copernican idea of the solar system, first published in “Starry Night,” but later re-punished in “Dialogue of Two World Systems,” which was Galileo’s Copernican ideology argument. As demonstrated, Galileo’s ingenuity and astronomical ambitions and innovations allowed him to make significant astronomical contributions as well as prove the Copernican Solar System

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