Gambling Expansion: Addiction In Contemporary Society

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Addiction in Contemporary Society Assignment 2 Gambling Expansion Submitted By: Dishan Ratnajothi Student Number: 212856662 Submitted To: Wayne Skinner Course: AP SOWK 2020 Section A Date of Submission: June 28th, 2015 Gambling is identified as a simple form of entertainment that is often played by individuals or groups of friends for amusement, and for the simple chance of personal monetary gain. However, gambling can often lead to unforeseen consequences that can lead to addiction. As the Government of Ontario looks to open over twenty casinos in the Greater Toronto Area and the OLG is offering online gambling in Ontario, this allows for the gambling market to rapidly expand within Ontario. Although there are various financial…show more content…
As the opportunity for expansion exists, this situation gives light for individuals to become what are known as “problem gamblers”. Problem gamblers are “individuals that have the urge to consistently gamble regardless of the negative consequences associated with their continuance, and have no desire to stop”. The social implication associated with problem gamblers is focused on the direct impact they have on their families. In Ontario alone, 1.2% - 3.4% of Ontarians are impact by severe problem gambling, accounting for over 300,000 Ontarians (Gambling Industry in Ontario). Some of the negative impacts associated with problem gambling include divorce, domestic abuse, anxiety, substance abuse, and family dysfunction (Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario). The consideration of children should be not taken lightly, as they are significantly impacted by guardians that are problem gamblers. Whether it be a divorce or child abuse, these problem gamblers have a considerable impact on children, as problem gamblers may take their anger out on children or spouses when monetary losses are incurred at the casino. A 2008 study found that violence between spouses of problem gamblers were significantly higher relative to spouses of non-problem gamblers, with 63% of individuals being identified as victims of partner violence (Government Gambling). Furthermore, “children of problem gamblers lose their parents in a physical and an existential sense”, as children see drastic changes in behaviour from their guardian(s) (Government Gambling). This has an impact on children, as without having a proper mother or father figure, this absence will have a considerable impact on their behaviours in the future, as the children of problem gamblers are “ten times
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