Gamergate Issues

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GamerGate started when an independent game developer, named Zoe Quinn, was caught having a romantic relationship with Eron Gonji, who was a journalist for Kotaku. It turned out that Enron was giving Eron’s video games bias positive reviews. Even though Kotaku claimed that never published reviews of Quinn’s game, gamers were upset that Gonji was not fired and whole situation did not get much publicity from the gaming press. Eron Gjoni also alleged that Quinn had cheated on him with five other men, some of whom are game journalists. The name Gamergate came to be when Adam Baldwin started a twitter hashtag #GamerGate. To fully understand Gamergate, there are three spectrums to this issue. First, there are people who want an ethical reformation in the gaming press. The media in the video game industry is vital because it …show more content…

In response from all these criticisms, many gaming companies published fourteen different articles on their official website to write about the shift in demographic in the gaming community: The death of the "gamer.” Eventually, a significant amount of gamers started to boycott on theses gaming sites, and contracting their advertisers. Next, this situation brought in the Feminists side, who argued that gamers were mad for all the different reasons. Many well known feminists, like Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and Zoe Quinn, argued that gamers were sexist, and it was reasonable position to take. GamersGate started with one woman’s personal life leaked out on the internet, and escalated to men on the internet slut shaming Zoe Quinn. An enmourse backlash was received after many feminists who spoke out for GamerGate were hacked, doxed, cyber bullied, and received death threats from anonymous trolls. This incident led to the third spectrum of GamerGate. Many people believe that Gamergate is nothing but women hating on

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