Gangs and Violence in the United States Essay

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In todays United States we have a huge problem affecting society, gangs and the violence that follows them wherever they go. These days’ gangs aren’t just compiled of grown adults, they often lure in young teens to do dirty work and to add numbers to their turf. Despite laws aimed straight at these gangs they still defy the law and wreak havoc upon the territory that they claim. The members in the gang have a gang first mentality and will do everything possible to provide for and protect their fellow members. They will very rarely snitch on their own to help put a stop to some of the meaningless crimes committed by these savages. Gangs are centered on a certain territory or turf that is claimed by that gang. When rival gangs enter that …show more content…

When young teens get involved with gangs they pretty much throw their lives away because they leave school and frequently get arrested taking away any hope of getting a real job and honest living. Being arrested is treated like a game to many people that are etched into the gang life. Many of the gangs that terrorize cities all over the United States are also established inside of prison. A lot of the time these members are the hardest of the hardest. The members will trade people for tangible items such as drugs, food, money, cigarettes, and many more things. Gangs are able to get a lot of tasks done in prison even though there is police or guards watching the moves the men and women are taking. People believe that arresting these members is putting a stop to the gangs and teaching them a lesson but in all actuality these men and women are just being taken off the streets to do the exact something while incarcerated. Even though they are carrying out the same actions in prison it is much better than outside because there isn’t other people and children at risk. In society there is no possible way to turn every gang member into a changed person. But there is a way to lead these young teens away from that type of lifestyle. It’s through many projects and programs that are completely centered on these teens to help get them off the streets and into school to get a good education. On television they have a show where at

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