Gardner's Intelligence

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Gardner's Intelligence According to Dr. Howard Gardner each person has nine different kinds of intelligence that are a reflection of the different ways of interacting with the world. Each individual has a unique combination of these intelligences and there is no way two people can have the exact same configuration of this intelligences. He defined intelligence in different perspectives these are; the ability to create a product that is valued in culture, as a set of skills that make a person able to solve problems and as a potential for finding or creating solutions for problems that involve gathering of knowledge. He then put the nine intelligences; this can give an individual several strengths if one decides to focus on them as their way of thinking. These intelligences are linguistic intelligence which is the capacity to use language to express what is on one's mind and understand people this can enable me to communicate and understand people in an easy way. It also enables me to express myself efficiently. Mathematical or logical intelligence is the capacity to understand the principles that underlay some kinds of casual systems a scientist or logician does or even to manipulate numbers, operations, and quantities as a mathematician does. The strength that I have is the ability to reason deductively and think logically. Musical Rhythmic intelligence is the ability to think in music to be able to hear patterns, recognize them and manipulate them, this can enable
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