Garvey 's Theory Of Economic And Political Reformation

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Garvey 's considered capitalism to be necessary in the process of human advancement but expressed difficulty with the results of its unrestrained uses. It was Garvey 's belief that white capitalists tolerated African American workers only because they were willing to accept a lower standard of wage than unionized white workers. Garvey aimed to reform the social democratic nature rather than attempting to eradicate the capitalist system. He felt that the capitalistic system gave African Americans a chance for competitive employment and also gave them the opportunity to make a profit from their labor. Garvey also felt that communism was a white man 's creation to solve their own political and economic problems. To him, it was never intended for the economic or political emancipation of African Americans, but rather to raise the earning capacity of the lower class workers. Garvey said, "It is a dangerous theory of economic and political reformation because it seeks to put government in the hands of an ignorant white mass who have not been able to destroy their natural prejudices towards Negroes and other non-white people. While it may be a good thing for them, it will be a bad thing for the Negroes who will fall under the government of the most ignorant, prejudiced class of the white race" (Nolan, 1951).
Garvey 's plan involved letting the communists fight their own battles. African Americans needed to take advantage of the opportunities that were presented during the fight,

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