Gary's House by Debra Oswald

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“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohns quote highlights the basis of Debra Oswald’s play Gary’s house, and also Miroshav Holubs poem The Door. This essay will explore the notion that change causes people to shift their thinking and actions after significant catalysts. Gary’s House illustrates many of the issues and predicaments confronted by the characters and how their alteration in behaviour can have a beneficial outcome for them or others around them. The concept of "The Door" is based on the idea of taking risks and embracing change. The poet uses persuasive techniques to encourage and provoke the audience to take action.
In Debra Oswald’s play Gary’s House, the audience is introduced to crucial character, Christine. Christine plays a meaningful role in this play as she has a distinct change in thinking and actions. In the beginning of the play, it suggests that Christine is lonely and has a nomadic lifestyle in the stage directions “A country town motel room”. The composer uses this setting to indicate that Christine is travelling and doesn’t commit to one place or situation. Further into the play we recognize that Christine Drifted between foster homes and this is why she doesn’t guarantee commitment. In addition to this Christine quotes, “And that poor baby. What chance has it got? Rule number one never have kids. If you’re damaged like Gary and me.” This shows that what happened in the past affects her, as she believes she or
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