Gathering And Sharing. The Appropriate Roles For Local

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Gathering and Sharing
The appropriate roles for local and federal law enforcement agencies in a national strategy for protecting the homeland is vigilance, intelligence gathering and sharing. When it came to the case of the Orlando Shooter, Omar Mateen, the gun smith told the FBI about him after he purchased the weapons and before he did the shooting. The law enforcement agencies need to take no warning or threat lightly.
Intelligence gathering is very important in law enforcement. Intelligence gathering is a system in through which information about a particular entity is collected for the benefit of another through the use of more than one inter- related source. The sharing of this information from agency to agency enhances …show more content…

Sharing is the key.
From what I understand, multiple agencies had information about the possibility of attacks, prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and 9/11. Just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Army was providing its information only to the State Department and the Navy was providing its information only to the President (Clausen). Neither the Army nor the Navy shared its information with each other due to friction and infighting and the entire system was in “shambles” (Clausen). The same situation was present in 2001 with lack of sharing between the CIA and the FBI along with infighting (Wright). If they all shared what they had with each other, the attacks may not have happened.
Local law enforcement roles should also include terrorism classes as well as training. Not only discussing their role during an attack but also practicing. Community policing plays a good role in prevention as well. Talking to the people of the community. The local police officer should show his or her face to the people that they serve, even without making a service call. They should get to know the people and the people should get to know them. They should then get a sense of who’s who and what’s what. Local law enforcement should do training with homeland security and other branches of law enforcement.

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