Gatsby Daisy Quotes

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Gatsby: Oh Jesus,you just hit that girl we should go back and help pick up her body and bury her (Daisy looks at Gatsby and says nothing) Daisy: I didn’t see her, I have had too many drinks after all. Gatsby: That’s not my point. My point is that you killed a girl and just left her there. Daisy: Well she shouldn't have gotten in my way. (Gatsby then takes out a bottle of whiskey and begins to chug it down) Daisy: I don’t understand why you would lie to me jay,I loved you even before you became rich. Gatsby: Because I knew your family would never let you marry a poor man like me and you would accept that (Daisy isn’t listening and looks up at the sky) (Gatsby hits her in the face to show authority) Daisy: Ok ok i'm listening all you
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