Gattaca Themes

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The consequences of excessive desire to be someone else, a recurring theme I evaluated from an accumulation of texts ‘All the bright places’ written by Jennifer Niven, ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ directed by Anthony Minghella, Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol and Catch me if you can directed by Steven Spielberg. To examine this theme in detail to further an understanding of how the same theme can be expressed in a number of ways, I used three questions to help develop a conclusion-, has society alienated the protagonist and if so how, how does the characters struggle with their identity , also what consequences this desire has caused.

The clearest example of being alienated from society is In the film Gattaca. The protagonist of the film …show more content…

Some third class mouch? Who are you ? who are you to say anything to me” this clearly portrays how much power wealth holds in this film, as the more money you have, the more meaning your existence has therefore because of this money barrier Tom is alienated by his society by being separated from the wealth. I believe this same message is also portrayed in Gattaca of the wealth raising to be superior, but Tom acts out in anger because of this discrimination and by impersonating people and forging signatures has a negative effect on society whereas vincent works hard to be able to help in the space station as he studies hard and is more intellectually qualified than his co workers therefore by impersonating jerome morrow he betters Jerome's reputation and does a positive service to the society that discriminated his kind .

Furthermore this plot is also very similar as Frank the leading character from catch me if you can, as wealth also brings up a social worth barrier in society but unlike Tom, Frank was brought up in a wealthy family that lost all their riches when Frank was approximately 13 years of age therefore this had a great impact on him because all the advantages and benefits of being rich was all ripped away from him thus he learns how horrible it is to not have money as people looked down on his family and no longer went to as many social events. But unlike these three films in the text all the bright places, this text was

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