Gay Civil Rights

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One important issue in our world today is Gay Civil Rights. The question is “Should they have the same rights as straight people?” A lot of people say no, but a lot of people also say yes. Obama passed a law called “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” This law allowed homosexuals to go into the military. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to? There was also a Hate Crime law passed stating there will be no hate crime based on sexual orientation. Lastly there was the Respect for Marriage Act passed that allows homosexuals the same rights as heterosexuals. Some people think allowing homosexuals into the military will cause tension. This will then lead to people not being able to do their job like they are supposed to. Many people against gays don’t want to be around them, so the people like this in the military will focus more on them and not getting their job done. People also believe this could cause fighting and disorder, again leading to not getting their jobs done. On the other hand people believe not allowing homosexuals in the military might take away from our ability to fight. Allowing them puts more people into our military. Not just more people, more willing people. More people who actually want to go over. When they were kicking the homosexuals out they were taking out trained professionals only to have to train more people. What did this do besides cost us a bunch of money? Another act passed by Obama was the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. This
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